Admission Procedure

CREDAI, Visakhapatnam Chapter welcomes new members who may be Individual Professionals or Firms or Companies engaged in Business of Construction of Apartments/Commercial Complex/ Any Housing Activities reated to Real Estate.

  1. All applications for admission/enrolment as member of CREDAI Visakhapatnam Chapter shall be made in prescribed form along with accepatnace of Code of Conduct and submitted to the Hon. Secretary during Business hours on any working day.
  2. The application form should be accompanied by an entrance fee as fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time subject to ratification by General Body.
  3. The Application should be proposed by a member of the Association, who completed one year in the Association with good standing i.e., no dues of any arrears to the Association.
  4. The entrance fee paid by any applicant whose application has been rejected by the Committee shall be refunded to the applicant within thirty days from the date of rejection.
  5. The Executive Committee shall scrutinize the Applications of new members and shall decide the Admissions on the merits by a vote of majority in the Executive Committee Meeting.
  6. After the Executive Committee approves the admission, the Applicant/prospective Member shall pay the Admission Fee, Capital Fund and Subscription Fee, and or any other fees fixed by the Executive Committee upon which the admissions will be confirmed.
  7. The liability of the members is limited to the amount of Subscriptionfees and dues payable by them during the currency of the membership.

Subscription Fee, Dues and Membership

  1. Any member admitted/enrolled as a new member shall pay the following fee to the Association.
    • Subscription Fee : Rs.4500/-
    • Corpus Fund : Rs.7500/-
    • Admission Fee : Rs.3000/-
    • Building Fund : Rs.10000/-
  2. Existing member shall pay the following fee to the Association every year before 30th day of June.
    • Annual Subscription Fee : Rs.4000/-
    • Corpus Fund : Rs.2600/-
    • Host Charges : Rs.3400/-

How to Apply?

The application is to be filled-in online, printed, and after affixing signatures and photographs where necessary, submitted to the Secretary along with payment.
You will first need to verify your e-mail address and mobile number to access the application form. You will receive a SMS message sent to the given mobile phone number (from CREDAI) and an e-mail to the given e-mail address containing a form. Type the contents of the SMS into the email form and submit.

=> Submit your Email and Mobile for verification.

=> After verfication - Fill application form.

=> Didn't receive email or SMS? Retry again.